Silky Straight 6x6

Silky Straight 6x6


Emotion Wigs Raw Hair comes in its original natural colour and texture.


Each closure has its very own unique hair pattern and color because it is directly sourced from the donor  and not factory made, mixed or blended with any synthetic fibres.


We supply 100% Raw Unprocessed Hair.


Our hair can be styled and colored with ease because of it's unprocessed quality,  the hair cuticles are intact and flowing in one direction. 


All our hair textures can easily be flat-ironed for a super-sleek straight look or curled for an extra  full and bouncy look as well as can be bleached or dyed to your desired preferences.


Our closures hold up to the best longevity standards  of 1 - 1.5 years with the proper care.

Lace Description


HD Lace -  Our authentic HD lace is a high definition lace material, which is of the finest quality and renders invisible or completely transparent at the scalp if handled or applied correctly.

Swiss Lace - Our swiss lace material comes very close to the HD Lace quality & texture however it is slightly thicker and it has long been popular as the go too lace that offers a flawless illusion at the scalp. This lace is extremely delicate as well but easily pliable and requires careful application for a seamless finish

The difference is not that far apart betweeen the two lace options. 

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